Experienced Faculty

Our team of teachers is well trained and has extensive experience of teaching which helps them in effective classroom management, enhancing academic performance, mentoring, bonding with students, maintaining discipline, and motivating students to give their best.

Practical Studies

Experienced based learning complements text-book learning by helping students to better understand, remember and implement lessons learnt. That is why we have integrated practical studies across all standards.

Multimedia Learning

Our digital classrooms offer multimedia learning. Such audio-visual learning technique is proven to improve grasping and memory power of students. In addition it also increases attention span of students.

Sharing Evaluation with Parents

Scholastic evaluation process is critical to identify and develop strong and weak areas of students. Evaluation process is designed in accordance with GSEB guidelines and pertains to assessment of performance in classroom assignment, periodic examinations and co-curricular activities. Complete evaluation and observations are shared with parents.

Guidance & Support

Our teachers play the role of a mentor and are always there to help students whether they need academic guidance or support in pursuit of their interests and talent. This teacher student partnership gives a huge boost to morale of students.